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這是書的簡介: (拍臊,沒時間翻中文啦!大家善用一下網路翻譯機和自己的腦袋一下)
In art making, materials and media are the intermediaries between private ideas, thoughts, and feelings, and their external manifestations in tangible, sensual form. Thus, materials provide the core components of the exchange that occurs between art therapists and clients. This book provides a historial account of the theorizing and use of materials and media in art therapy, as well as an examination of the interface between art therapy, contemporary art materials and practices, and social/critical theory. Attention is paid throughout the text to the cultural implications of materials and media use. Contributing authors provide examples of some of the ways art therapists have transgressed conventional material boundaries and expanded both thinking and practice in the field.

1. 藝術治療媒材的歷史與理論
Section I: Art Therapy Materials and Media: History and Theory.
Moon, A History of Materials and Media in Art Therapy. Moon, Theorizing Materiality in Art Therapy: Negotiated Meanings. Orr, Social Remixing: Art Therapy Media in the Digital Age.

2. 從藝術家到藝術治療師: 藝術治療師如何使用不同媒介、方式來實踐治療師的工作
Section II: From Artist to Art Therapist: How Art Therapists' Use of Materials, Media, and Practices Informs the Work as Therapists. Yi, From Imperfect to I Am Perfect: Reclaiming the Disabled Body Through Making Body Adornments in Art Therapy. (這是我的章節--從「不完美」到「我是完美的」: 透過藝術治療過程中製作身體穿戴物來重新宣示殘障身體主權Whitaker, Groundswell: The Nature and Landscape of Art Therapy. Newman, Creating a Safe Place for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Youth: Exhibiting Installation Art for Social Change. Gerity, Fourteen Secrets for a Happy Artist's Life: Using Art and the Internet to Encourage Resilience, Joy, and a Sense of Community. Colletti, Inspired by a Stranger: Exploring Mail Art.

3. 藝術治療領域之媒材使用實例
Section III: Materials and Media Applications in Art Therapy. Austin, Technology, Art Therapy, and Psychodynamic Theory: Computer Animation With an Adolescent in Foster Care. Huss, Bedouin Women's Embroidery as Female Empowerment: Crafts as Culturally Embedded Expression Within Art Therapy. Lukas-Falk, Comic Books, Connection, and the Artist Identity. Mosinski, Video Art and Activism: Applications in Art Therapy. Hawley, Beatmaking: Reaching Beyond Art Therapy to Follow the Creative Path of Music.


Catherine Hyland Moon, MA, ATR-BC, is associate professor and chair of the Graduate Art Therapy program at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. A painter and mixed media artist, writer, and curator, her professional publications and presentations in art therapy have focused on the unique contributions of an artistic perspective in therapeutic practice. 我的老師現在是美國芝加哥藝術學院藝術治療研究所的系主任